We assist our clients preparing
“Indonesian Law Summary”

We assist our clients primarily foreign profit and non-profit organizations which located in overseas or Indonesia that need comprehensive Indonesian legal summary which will be used for references in making decision on either operational activities or special purposes. Please see our sample Indonesian Law Summary in our website for your review

Our Practice Area
• Foreign Capital Investment
• Banking & Finance
• Capital Market
• Labor & Employment
• Intellectual Property Right
• Media & Telecommunication
• Bankruptcy
• Property
• Agriculture
• Energy
• Transportation
• Trade & Industry
• Anti Monopoly & Competition
• Consumer Protection
• Provincial Autonomy
• Immigration
• Health & Education

Legal Services

We provide comprehensive legal service such as a specific Indonesian Legal Summary based on clients need, review of contracts or other legal documents, legal advice and consultation and others.

One of our strenght is that we have partners who are expertise in corporate finance, debt and corporate restructuring, investment and banking and finance,where we believe that it would add value to our legal services.

In order to provide best services to our clients especially from overseas who need summary of certain Indonesian Law, we emphasize on providing our legal services on Indonesian Law Summary which has scope of work as follows:

1.  Regulation Search

    We provide easy access for regulations applicable in Indonesia which may be useful and suitable to your needs. Our team will assist you in conducting search for the specific regulation for your business in Indonesia. Our regulation search fee is USD 25 per regulation.

2.  Regulation Translation (English)

    We provide official English translation for Indonesia regulations that our clients may request for their purpose of business in Indonesia. Our team will assist you in rendering official English translation and provide elucidation for the translation. Our translation fee is USD 3 per page

3.  Regulation Summary (English)

    We provide summary for specific regulation as may be requested by Client. Our team will provide comprehensive regulation summary and in the summary we will provide explanation to the relevant scope of industry.

    Our professional fee providing regulation summary starts from USD 500 per regulation.

4.  Draft Agreement Review

    We provide a professional legal review for a specific agreement as may be requested by our client. Our review shall be based on the relevant regulations applicable to the agreement and we will provide further comprehensive legal review and explanation for our review.

    Our professional fee providing agreement review starts from USD 600 per regulation.

5.  Legal Opinion

    We provide a professional legal opinion for a specific request as may be requested by our client. Our legal opinion shall be based on the request list from the client and we will examine the request list based on the relevant regulations applicable to the agreement and we will provide further comprehensive legal review and explanation for our review.

6.  Business Partners Search

    Our firm also provides excellent search for Business Partners (Local or Foreign Partners) who are reliable and trusted to be your partners in doing business in Indonesia.
    For more information about our service, please free to give us more explanation about your business and criteria for business partners. Please send email to fenny@indonesianlegal.com or gerald@indonesianlegal.com for further information.

7.  Indonesian Industrial/Government Expertise Consultation

    Our firm has many contacts with Indonesian Expertise and Professionals who are expert in their field and we can arrange consultation with the Expertise as our client may request for their investment in Indonesia. Our consultation fee shall be in hourly basis, US$ 250 per hour and our referral fee us US$ 125. Please visit our website and log in as member to get more information about this service.


We assist our clients conducting Indonesian Legal Review on specific transaction or special purposes according to the applicable law.
We help our clients primarily foreign companies to asses legal risks and critical legal issues on their specified transactions or special purposes, where we review all documents and regulation in relation to the transaction. We will make conclusion and suggestion based on our review.


Our Service of Comprehensive Legal Counsel help clients to make important decision in the very short time.
In this service, our partners will be in charge at all time to support clients to understand Indonesian Law and give solutions whenever they need it. Clients would be able to cope with legal matters under Indonesian Law which allow clients to make decision relatively in the very short time and avoid unnecessary legal risk

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