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We assist our clients primarily foreign profit and non-profit organizations which located in overseas or Indonesia that need comprehensive Indonesian legal summary which will be used for references in making decision on either operational activities or special purposes. Please see our sample Indonesian Law Summary in our website for your review

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Temerity, Indonesian Legal Assistance & Partners (TILA and Partners) is supported by professional teams who have extensive experience with multinational firms in the field of investment banking, corporate finance, distribution, multimedia industry, manufacture, actuary, advertising and others.

Fenny Medika Tohir, Partner

EDUCATION: University of Indonesia, Bachelor Degree from Faculty of Law, majoring Civil Law, admitted in 1996, Indonesia.

LANGUAGES: Indonesian and fluent in speaking and writing English.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: General Corporate Law; Banking and Corporate Finance; Capital Market, Debt Restructuring and Debt Settlement; Merger and Liquidation; Foreign Investment and Joint Venture Agreement, Telecommunication and Multimedia Industry (E-Commerce), Bankruptcy, Project Investment and Project Financing particularly Coal Mining and Coal Trading

1. Registered License for Legal Practitioner and Advocate Licenses, admitted in 1998
2. Registered License Legal Consultant for Indonesian Capital Market, admitted in 2000
3. Registered License Corporate Secretary for Indonesian Capital Market, admitted in 2000.

1. Member of Legal Consultant for Capital Market Association (HKHPM)
2. Member of the Indonesian and Advocate Association (PERADI)

Mrs. Tohir is concentrating on corporate and business law mostly involved in corporate and debt restructuring, foreign investment, project investment and joint venture agreement, asset disposal, banking & finance and Capital Market.

She has begun her career and extensive experiences for almost 4 years with the reputable law firm in Jakarta where she had performed an intensive corporate law services and litigation cases concerning the international business and corporate transactions.

She successfully handled the difficult tasks during her services in Indonesia Banking Restructuring Agency (IBRA) for almost 4 years since 1997 where she worked on complex corporate and debt restructuring, strategic asset disposal, capital market, asset monitoring, and asset management investment for the amount of almost IDR 6 trillions Rupiah as the impact of the monetary crisis.

Recently, she has been appointed as the project leader in handling many complex transactions in large Group companies in Indonesia where she has been accomplished in tackling the complex and difficult project investments, and most of them related to the telecommunication and multimedia industry, coal mining, and foreign investment.

These 14 years experiences have largely expanded her business sense and knowledge in the organization as well as she has accomplished to manage the complex and fast changing environment as a result of the acquisition, merger and the debt restructuring process such as: reorganization and restructuring process.

Mrs. Tohir has been appointed as member of management committee in non listed company and listed company in Indonesia in order to secure legal process and transactions in the area of General Corporate matters and Capital Market regulations.

Gerald Hutagalung, Partner and Financial Advisor
EDUCATION: Faculty of Mathematics, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), admitted in 1995, Indonesia.

LANGUAGES: Indonesian and fluent in speaking and writing English.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE: General Corporate Law; Banking and Corporate Finance; Capital Market, Debt Restructuring and Debt Settlement; Merger and Liquidation; Joint Venture Agreement, Commercial Litigation, Telecommunication and Multimedia Industry, Bankruptcy, Fund Raising Project, Project Investment and Project Financing particularly Oil and Gas Industry, Coal Mining and Toll Road Industry.

Investment Manager Representative of The Committee for Capital Market Professional Standards, Indonesia, admitted 1998

Mr. Hutagalung is the co-founder of Temerity Consulting which concentrates on debt and corporate restructuring, merger & acquisitions, corporate finance, investment banking and fund management. He has worked in the broad range of industries including investment, actuary, capital market and financial consultant. He has considerable experience in Indonesia working with multinational companies. Recently he worked with Watson Wyatt Consulting, Indo Value Capital of Fund Management and Indonesia Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) where he led many important projects of complex debt and corporate restructuring, asset monitoring, strategic asset disposal, investment and others. During his career he has been in a senior position of senior analyst and vice president before he joins Temerity Consulting as managing directors (current position).


We assist our clients conducting Indonesian Legal Review on specific transaction or special purposes according to the applicable law.
We help our clients primarily foreign companies to asses legal risks and critical legal issues on their specified transactions or special purposes, where we review all documents and regulation in relation to the transaction. We will make conclusion and suggestion based on our review.


Our Service of Comprehensive Legal Counsel help clients to make important decision in the very short time.
In this service, our partners will be in charge at all time to support clients to understand Indonesian Law and give solutions whenever they need it. Clients would be able to cope with legal matters under Indonesian Law which allow clients to make decision relatively in the very short time and avoid unnecessary legal risk

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