We assist our clients preparing
“Indonesian Law Summary”

We assist our clients primarily foreign profit and non-profit organizations which located in overseas or Indonesia that need comprehensive Indonesian legal summary which will be used for references in making decision on either operational activities or special purposes. Please see our sample Indonesian Law Summary in our website for your review

Our Practice Area
• Foreign Capital Investment
• Banking & Finance
• Capital Market
• Labor & Employment
• Intellectual Property Right
• Media & Telecommunication
• Bankruptcy
• Property
• Agriculture
• Energy
• Transportation
• Trade & Industry
• Anti Monopoly & Competition
• Consumer Protection
• Provincial Autonomy
• Immigration
• Health & Education


1. Greenworld Group (Natural Resources and Commodity)
2. PT Adani Global (Coal Trading and Coal Supplier)
3. Leviathan Group (Trading)
4. PT Mantenboshi Creative Indonesia (3G Platform Technology and Content)
5. PT Interactive Media Asia (Content and Media)
6. PT Tri Ihwa Samara (Coal Mining)
7. PT Indocitra Finance Tbk (Leasing)
8. PT Allbond Makmur Usaha Tbk (Manufacture)
9. PT Sanex International Tbk (Manufacture)
10. PT Pinang Services Indonesia (Coal Trading Services)
11. Shrerenuka Group (CPO and Coal Trading)
12. PT Jambi Prima Coal
13. PT Nagarta Coal Field
14. PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (Banking)
15. PT Rante Mario (Plywood and Timber)
16. PT Manunggal Sakti Bakti (Trading)
17. PT Turkindo Jaya (contractor)
18. PT Hempel Indonesia (ship coating and painting)
19. PT Amber Resources Indonesia (Trading)
20. PT Future Metal (Trading)
21. PT Sekishin (Trading)


We assist our clients conducting Indonesian Legal Review on specific transaction or special purposes according to the applicable law.
We help our clients primarily foreign companies to asses legal risks and critical legal issues on their specified transactions or special purposes, where we review all documents and regulation in relation to the transaction. We will make conclusion and suggestion based on our review.


Our Service of Comprehensive Legal Counsel help clients to make important decision in the very short time.
In this service, our partners will be in charge at all time to support clients to understand Indonesian Law and give solutions whenever they need it. Clients would be able to cope with legal matters under Indonesian Law which allow clients to make decision relatively in the very short time and avoid unnecessary legal risk

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